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Hello everyone! My name is Celina! Im a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Claircognizant and Clairudient. I’m majoring in Psychology, and I’m also a Visionary Artist! I’ve had my third eye open ever since I was a child. I pick up on energies very strongly, I can be a energetic sponge sometimes. I love helping people, and Tarot is a great outlet for me to do that! I have a lot of precognitive dreams also. Im a Capricorn Sun, Pisces Moon, and Cancer Rising, and Pisces Pallas & Midheaven! I’ve been reading Tarot since 2017. I’ve also had my spiritual awakening in 2016.

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Client Testimonials

Sandy Moreno

“Celina was on point with everything she told me! It's like she knew me without knowing me. This will be the 3rd time I get a reading from her because of how accurate she is!”

Desiree Lara

“Celina is always on point with my readings. She has given me so much closure and reassurance when I've needed it the most, I strongly believe there is no tarot reader like her. She's just SO amazing! I thank the universe for us crossing paths🤍✨”

Lizeth G Martinez

“You were very accurate, thank you so much for your time. I will definitely recommend friends and family to you. I'll definitely come back and get more readings from you!”

Alexandria Heredia

“ Absolutely needed this. Was sent so fast-to me in my opinion. Was spot on and would totally get another reading with her soon!”

Kadijah Matthews

“Very clear and on point with everything.”

Ty Smith 

“Literally sent chills down my body how accurate she was. She gave me so much closure & reassurance. I can't explain how she did but she hit spots that no one would’ve have known about me and this individual. She has giving me so much hope & I can finally stop over thinking and put my guard down and let the universe does it course. The details and the way she really was into it, just gave me so much chills. I can't even put into words. I'm just thankful for her & very excited what the future will hold. It's all about patience at this point. Thank you so so so much girly”

Keyla Alvarez

“Everything was accurate and am very satisfied  with my reading! highly recommend! 10/10🫶🏼“

Natalie Fernandez

“I really enjoy her readings. She’s very on point with everything. She’s legit. Very sweet and cool. I appreciate her as well. I feel as she has helped me a lot. The only person I really have shared about her is my daughter. One more person too but my daughter and I are more in the spiritual so I can talk to her about her. Everyone else I know would look at me weird and judge right away. So ya that is why I appreciate Celina a lot. And I’m glad I can talk to my daughter about this.”

Andrew Molina

“I needed a second opinion on an issue with my life (due to repeating cards) so I had found this incredible divine being online. Not only did she pull the same cards I had received, she also broke down what was happening. She knows what she’s talking about and she’s skilled at her craft. 10/10

Thank you for helping me, you are a divine being in the human experience”


**PLEASE READ!** You must PAY FIRST before you email me your questions. I get notified who pays and who hasn’t. I WILL NOT RESPOND to the people who has not paid. If readings are Out of Stock, follow me on Instagram Blue.dream333 to keep updated when readings are back in stock. DO NOT EMAIL ME about your stuff you are currently going through, questions on how to manifest, etc without paying. THIS EMAIL IS STRICTLY FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE PAID FIRST FOR A READING AND SPONSERSHIPS. Thank you, Love & Light!

I will need your full name, date of birth, and if your asking about anyone I will also need their full name and date of birth as well. **I DO NOT DO READINGS ON PREGNANCY, HEALTH OR LEGAL ISSUES**Please be patient for your reading. And do not try to scam me trying to get a free reading off me. I know who has paid and who hasn’t. If you try to scam I will instantly block you.Thank you! 

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$70 Dream Interpretation$111 One Question Detailed Reading$144 Two Question Detailed Reading$175 Three Question Detailed Reading$222 Same Day Three Question Detailed ReadingI also do general readings!